Clients & Projects

Over the years our clients have consisted of major corporations, technology startups, educational firms and small business. We can build anything from a simple web site to large, enterprise-level systems for the largest of companies.


United Nations Development Programme

Atypica provided extensive customization work on their social networking system (based upon the Elgg social networking platform).  We have provided custom websites for UNDP an associated partner countries since 2005.

We created a website for green job listings (WordPress)

Other recent projects:

A website geared toward hosting professionals

A website for obtaining services of a Justice of the Peace

National Elevator Industry, Inc.


NEII needed a site redesign and a new, protected area for providing and maintaining state and province level elevator industry building, safety, electrical, and elevator codes for the US and Canada as well as modifications to those codes (a common occurrence).

Atypica provided a fully custom, specialized CMS/Library application to manage and report on State/Province Agencies, Code information, as well as track changes via a special “Modification Rollover” mechanism.


Atypica created a highly customized, highly integrated web site using our own CMS, Elgg, CiviCRM, Simple Machines discussion server, a Zip Code proximity system, and more to create a unique web 2.0 experience.

Lockheed Martin/Convergent Learning


Convergent Learning needed a Pocket PC solution for Lockheed Martin’s Human Resource Compliance Training Programs. Atypica provided the C++ Pocket PC solution for the tests, as well as the programs for installing and autoconfiguring the Pocket PC, and generating records to be loaded into their internal systems. The system track broken links for document pointing to external web sites and has a full Feedback tracking system for subscribers to report technical/legal issues with the Codes, and also tracks Editor’s responses to the issues.


Motorola’s Six Sigma Assessment system stands for quality and efficiency. We set up over 60 assessments in 3 days and followed up with a completely custom management/reporting system for Administrators and mentors to manage candidates and assessments.

WBZ Van Gogh PostcardsWBZ_t

A postcard emailer site created to promote the Van Gogh exhibit at the MFA.



Corporate identity project

Clarkstown Central School District (New York)


Atypica added multiple roles to their Elgg system with specific permissions associated with each. The system is a hybrid walled garden. Meaning that users with certain role/permissions are given the rights to publish things as public. Creation of groups is also based on roles and permissions in the system.

Ten Hoeve Brothers

For this supplier of energy industry hardware, we built a front-end web application that ties into their legacy system to help them manage inventory, discounts and sales. The site received over 50 million dollars in orders the first year, over 96 million dollars the second.


MJL needed a Content Management system custom fitted to their needs in producing a highly automated and integrated web site. They needed full workflow management and scheduled deployment capabilities, as well as features such as automated conversion of word document to HTML, automated document cross-referencing, auto-glossary term insertion, auto search tagging, guided learning management and much, much more.



Kveller built their Web 2.0 site based on Atypica’s CMS, integrated with WordPress / Buddypress, a unique Baby Name Finder, Calendar of events and CiviCRM.

Iron MountainIronMountain1T

We worked with the world’s largest document storage company to convert their server/client software into a web-based application.

The Christmas Dovecdove2

Customized ecommerce system for an existing brick and mortar business.     Christmas Dove

TERC’s Visualizing Earth

A project using satellite imaging in education.

Lycos Loveletters

Loveletter site for Lycos, layered on our QStation engine, produced in less than three weeks, supported a public love-letter ranking contest as well as Loveletter postcards, originally set to end on Valentines day, ran an additional two years.


Their original decision tree based registration/Lead qualification system.


Online, Webmaster configurable CME tests (using our test generator), multi-tier registration system, pay per view articles, bookstore, data lookups, searching, medical library, and more.