About Us

We don’t build sites.
We build businesses.

What does it mean to run an online business? It means delivering information, products and services to your customers when and where they want it.

It means managing your data and providing a safe, secure, reliable and comfortable environment for your customers.

Atypica was founded in January 1997 to design and develop web applications that will help you do business on a global scale no matter your size.

Our web design team can address the complete range of strategic and technical issues:

  •     Web strategy
  •     Complex custom applications fit to your needs
  •     Social Networking systems
  •     Customer Relationship systems
  •     Content management
  •     Interface design
  •     Usability analysis
  •     Corporate identity design
  •     Multi-tiered registration and personalization systems
  •     Ecommerce
  •     Secure site administration
  •     Surveys
  •     Personalization
  •     Customer tracking
  •     Database development
  •     and deployment
  •     Legacy, third-party, and back-end system integration

Being Green / Energy Independence

Atypica is 100% green powered. Is that important, and if so, why?

To those concerned about “doing something” about greenhouse gases, hosting with Atypica means your web site, operating 7×24 will not be adding to a known problem (the severity of which may be debated, but a problem without doubt). To those concerned with 7×24 operation, being green also means being energy independent and further insolated from interruptions in power due to weather, cascade failures, etc.

For details regarding our Solar installers Global Resource Options who provided us with EXCELLENT service and have done a fantastic job, please visit their web site or feel free to contact us here at Atypica. Special thanks go to Dan Kinney, Chris, Andy, Howie and Jeff Wolfe.


John R. Kelley

John has worked in proprietary and commercial database development, full-text retrieval engine design, and systems integration since 1984. John has engineered custom solutions such as complex, large-scale databases and text retrieval deployments, and integrated numerous legacy systems into updated Web-based systems. He has extensive development experience with the UNIX platform, VAX/alpha VMS, and MS Windows.

His development mission is to bring our client’s site to the next level of interactivity, beyond animation and sound, into the realm of communication and interaction.

Maethee (M.T.) Ratnarathorn
Design and Interface

Maethee’s experience in user interface development spans nearly a decade. Before specializing in Internet technologies, he designed and helped write the functional specifications for the interface of an online platform; designed the architecture for online content, and mapped out an intuitive navigation scheme; designed graphical user interfaces for financial software and touch-screen training and informational systems. His ability to communicate visually comes directly from his formal training in graphic design.

His design mission is to develop fresh, innovative Web sites with intuitive user interfaces, and seamless architecture